1/23/14 Zoning Board Meeting

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Village of Fishkill

Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting                  

January 23, 2014


Chairperson Cathy Ann Nicholson opens the meeting at 7:00 p.m.

Present: Cathy Ann Nicholson, Tom Newhard, Tom Brooks, John Depew, Terry Palumbo and Dan Roberto. Absent: Greg Gomes. Also present: Angelo Ferrara, Village Board Trustee and Liaison to the Zoning Board, Anthony Brozier, Village Board Trustee and Liaison to the Zoning Board, Sarah Brown, Village Planner, and Don Van Nostrand, Board Secretary.

Acceptance of the minutes from the last meeting held on October 24, 2013. Motion by John Depew to approve and seconded by Terry Palumbo. Votes for: 5 Votes against: 0 Motion carried.

Chairperson Cathy Ann Nicholson announces that there is no public hearing this evening and that there is an application for an area variance for review.

Gulf Gas Station - 733 Route 9 - Sign Variance Application

Applicant - Syed Kirmani - Business Owner

Syed Kirmani presented the signage requirements he was requesting in the application.

Sarah Brown, Village Planner requested a map of the gas station showing the locations of the signs and said that the application would need to show the number of signs requested.

John Depew makes a motion to hold a public hearing on the variance application to be held on February 27, 2014. Motion seconded by Tom Brooks. Votes for: 5 Votes against: 0 Motion carried.

Tom Brooks makes a motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion seconded by John Depew All in favor. Aye. Opposed: None. Meeting adjourned.


Submitted by,

Donald Van Nostrand

Zoning Board Secretary


Thursday, January 23, 2014 - 19:00


Zoning Board

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