8/3/15 Village Board Workshop

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August 3, 2015


Mayor opens Workshop meeting

Pledge of Allegiance

Present: Mayor Miccio, Deputy Mayor Phillips, Trustees Ferrara and Brozier, Village Clerk Angela Arasim, Absent is Trustee Newhard

Mayor reads abstracts

General $23,468.17

Water $2,540.26

Sewer $11,225.96

Capital Projects Firehouse $34,129.28

Mayor entertains motion to approve abstracts as read, So Move Trustee Ferrara, Seconded Trustee Brozier, discussion, none, all in favor, Aye, motion carried

Mayor entertains motion to approve minutes of July 27th meeting, So Move Deputy Mayor Phillips, Seconded, Trustee Brozier, Discussion, all in favor, Aye..Trustee Ferrara Abstains, Mayor- Aye, motion carried.

Town of Fishkill Board present to join Village Board, Supervisor Bob LaColla, Town Council: Ori Brachfeld, Kurt Buck, Larry Cohen, and Doug McHoul


Preliminary meeting to discuss moving forward with open communication between the two boards..

Having joint meetings going forward

Village Board to appoint Liaison to attend Town meetings

Possible presentation from Town Rec dept. to discuss services available to Village residents

Cross promoting on Village/Town websites

Discussion on history of treatment of Village by Town in prior years; Town Board wants to change that and move forward as “partners”

Background of prior idea of bypass

Background of traffic problems in Village

Supervisor LaColla discusses Complete Street Policy

Possible joint meeting October 7th

Mayor asks Town for a Budget presentation sometime in October

Deputy Mayor Phillips Moves to Adjourn, Seconded Trustee Ferrara, discussion, none, all in favor, Aye.  8:20 pm


Submitted by:

Angela Arasim, CMC, RMC

Village Clerk


Monday, August 3, 2015 - 19:00


Village Board

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