10/27/16 Planning Board Minutes

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October 27, 2016


Chairman Hans Klingzahn opens the meeting at 7:00 pm.

Roll call: Present: Hans Klingzahn, Cris Phillips, Reylene VanGeldern, Theresa Cuchelo and Matt Vetare. Alternates Caitlin Brozier and Stephen Brown. Also present:  Sarah Brown , Village Planner, Jamie DeMatteo, Paggi Engineering, Victoria Polidoro, Planning Board Attorney, Tom VanTine, Building Inspector and Don Van Nostrand, Board Secretary.

Chairman Klingzahn entertains a motion to accept the minutes for the meeting held on September 15, 2016. Motion made by Cris Phillips to approve. Seconded by, Reylene VanGeldern, discussion none, all in favor, Aye. Motion carried.


          1. Whistling Willies                   - 11 Merritt Blvd              - Sign Permit Application

              Applicant:                              - Ray Defrancesco            - Business Owner

                                                              - Tom Walsh                     - Sign Language Inc.

                                                                                                           44 Noxon Road Suite 4

                                                                                                           Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

Code Enforcement Officer, Tom VanTine stated that the sign replaces the previous sign that was on the building for Grand Central Grill and is the same exact size.

Chairman Klingzahn entertains a motion on the application. Cris Phillips moves to approve the sign application for Whistling Willies American Grill with no apostrophe as presented on Route 9 Fishkill. Motion seconded by Matt Vetare. Discussion none, all in favor, Aye. Motion carried.


          2. Vanikiotis Reality                   - 584 Route 9                    - Sign Permit Application

              Applicant:                               -  Tom Walsh                    - Sign Language Inc.

                                                                                                         44 Noxon Road Suite 4

                                                                                                         Poughkeepsie, NY12603

Tom Walsh presented a copy of the site plan which showed the location of the monument sign and  would be back at a later date for the individual tenant signs.

Chairman Klingzahn entertains a motion.

Theresa Cuchelo makes a motion to accept the monument sign for 584 Route 9 as per application. Motion seconded by Reylene VanGeldern. Discussion none, all in favor, Aye. Motion carried.


          3. Colour Bar Salon Inc.            - 1035 Main Street               - Sign Permit Application                 

              Applicant:                               - Paul & Lori Italiano          - Business Owners

                                                                                                            1035 Main Street

                                                                                                            Fishkill, NY 12524

Code Enforcement Officer Tom VanTine stated the proposed sign replaces the Hudson Valley Realty sign and will remain the same structure.

Chairman Klingzahn entertains a motion. Matt Vetare makes a motion to approve the sign application for Colour Bar Salon as presented. Motion seconded by Cris Phillips. Discussion none, all in favor, Aye. Motion carried.


           4. Starbucks                         - Route 9                            - SignPermitApplication          

              Applicant:                         - Maria Rotundo                  - Authorized  Representative

                                                                                                                - Lite Brite Signs, Inc.

                                                                                                                   51 Montgomery Street

                                                                                                                  Middletown, NY 10940

                                                                  - Jim Kennedy                     - Starbucks Representative

Chairman Klingzahn reviewed the application which was presented to the board at a previous meeting held on August 18, 2016 and additional information was requested.

After a lengthy discussion on the proposed menu board it was determined that there would be no advertising on the digital ordering screen.

Attorney Victoria Polidoro crafted the following motion on this application. The motion is to replace the speaker box with a DOS (digital ordering screen) on the condition that it does not display any advertising. Cris Phillips: So moved. Motion seconded by Reylene VanGeldern. Discussion none, all in favor, Aye . Motion carried.


         5. Jackson Crossing, LLC                - 71 & 75 Jackson St           - Extension Request

             Applicant:                                      - Kelly Libolt                       - KRC Planning Consultants

Kelly Libolt representing Jackson Crossing reported that she was before the board to request an additional ninety day sub-division extension approval. She reported that the property is under construction and that the property has been transferred to new ownership. The new owners have had a pre construction meeting with the Village and Town representatives.

Hans Klingzahn reads the resolution to grant the sixth ninety day extension for sub division approval (on file) and entertains a motion.

Theresa Cuchelo moves to accept the sixth ninety day extension for sub division approval as presented in the resolution. Motion seconded by Reylene VanGeldern. Discussion none, all in favor, Aye. Motion carried.


           6. Locanda                                         - 1105 Main Street                   - Special Use Permit

               Applicant:                                      - Nazi Berishna                        - Business Owner

                                                                     - Attorney James Horan         - Stenger, Roberts, Davis

                                                                                                                            & Diamond

                                                                                                                            Wappingers Falls, NY

Attorney James Horan requested that a office on the second floor of 1105 Main Street be converted to an apartment.

Village Planner, Sarah Brown explained that according to the Village Code a third apartment would not be allowed for this location.

Chairman Klingzahn informs the applicants that the application is denied based on the Village code and the applicant could seek a variance.

Attorney Horan asked that this application be tabled and other options would be investigated.


          7. Nazarene Church                           - 953 Main Strett                      - Discussion

Reverand Ron Pankey, pastor of the Nazarene Church and Ron Devito with Concordia Senior Communities presented to the board a proposed senior development plan for the Nazarene Chuch property located at 953 Main Street.

This was a information meeting and the beginning of the planning and application process.


          8. Dutchess Biercafe                          - 1097-1099 Main St                  - Site Plan

              Applicant:                                      - Areyh Siegel                             - Areyh Siegel, Architect

                                                                                                                           514 Main Street

                                                                                                                           Beacon, NY

                                                                       - Nick Fortunno                         - Business Owner

The applicants updated the board on the progress of the planning process. The surveyor has submitted sub division applications because the two lots are being combined into one.

Sara Brown reviewed her comment letter (on file) on the project.

Attorney Victoria Polidoro covered the easements on the property and requested copies.


Close Meeting:

Motion by: Theresa Cuchelo; Seconded by: Reylene VanGeldern

Votes for: 5 Votes against: 0 Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.


             Respectfully submitted:

             Don Van Nostrand

             Planning Board Secretary           


Thursday, October 27, 2016 - 19:00


Planning Board

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