6/20/13 Planning Board Minutes

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June 20, 2013                                          


Chairman Hans Klingzahn opens the meeting at 7:00 pm.       

Roll call: Present: Hans Klingzahn,  Bea Lindsay, Reylene Van Geldern and Hilary Roberto.

Absent: Cris Phillips, Theresa Cuchelo and Stephanie Renino.

Also present: Peter Phillips, Deputy Mayor and Liaison to the Planning Board, Sarah Brown, Village Planner, Larry Paggi, Village Engineer, Victoria Polidoro, Planning Board Attorney, Tom VanTine, Building Inspector and Don Van Nostrand, Secretary.

Acceptance of the minutes from the previous meetings held on May 16, 2013. Motion by Bea

Lindsay to approve and seconded by Reylene Van Geldern. Votes For: 4 Votes Against: 0 Motion carried.

Chairman Klingzahn reads a resolution (copy on file) that was voted on by the Village Board at the June 1, 2013 Village Board Meeting. The resolution reappointed Theresa Cuchelo to a five year term as member of the Planning Board and expiring on May 31, 2018. Also, Reylene Van Geldern and Hilary Roberto, alternate members of the Planning Board were reappointed to a one year term as alternate members ending on May 31, 2014.

Public Hearing:

1. None


1. Edward T McCormack, Esq  - 1283 Hopewell Ave - Sign Permit Application

Applicant:   - Edward T McCormack, Esq    - Business Owner

Motion by Bea Lindsay to approve the sign permit for Edward T McCormack, Esq located at

1283 Hopewell Ave. Motion seconded by Reylene Van Geldern. Votes for: 4 Votes against: 0 Motion carried.

2. Alfresco Restaurantes - 1036 Main Street - Certificate of Appropriateness

Applicant:    - Graziano Tassone    - Business Owner

                    - Brian Stokosa           - M Gillespie & Associates

Brian Stokosa presented the color samples and the lighting plan including the fixtures to be used on the project. He also updated the board on the current status of the items which the board gave conditional approval.

Motion by Reylene Van Geldern to approve a Certificate of Appropriateness for Alfresco Restaurante located at 1036 Main Street. Motion seconded by Hilary Roberto. Votes for: 4

Votes against: 0 Motion carried.

3. GJP Enterprises, Inc   - 5 Schuyler Blvd    - Amended Site Plan

        (Flory’s Mobil)

     Applicant:                   - Mark Day              - M.A. Day Engineering, PC

                                          - Gasper Florys        - Business Owner

Mark Day discussed the changes made to to the site plan as a result of the last planning board meeting. The parking spaces were relocated and the landscaping was shifted around to accommodate the changes. The proposed generator, air pump and vacuum are now shown on the plans.

Attorney Victoria Polidoro stated that the response to the referral to Dutchess County Planning was that the matter was of local concern.

Sarah Brown, Village Planner read the prepared resolution (on file) for the project.

Bea Lindsay makes a motion to grant amended site plan approval for Flory’s Mobil  (GJP Enterprises, Inc) subject to the applicant coming back for a menu board sign application.

Motion seconded by Reylene Van Geldern. Votes for: 4 Votes against: 0 Motion carried.

Chairman Klingzahn said that there was a non agenda item next. The old Denny’s property was sold and the developers would like to come before the board with their ideas for the property.

Steve Tinkelman of Tinkelman Architects presented to the board the tentative plans for 2 adjoining parcels on Route 9 and showed the direction in which way they were going with the  project. The plan would be to construct a building with 10,000 square feet on the first floor and 4000 square feet on the second floor.

Close Meeting:

Motion by Bea Lindsay. Seconded by Hilary Roberto

Votes For: 4 Votes Against: 0 Motion carried. Meeting Adjourned


Respectfully submitted,

Don Van Nostrand

Planning Board Secretary


Thursday, June 20, 2013 - 19:00


Planning Board

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