11/14/13 Planning Board Meeting Minutes

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          Chairman Hans Klingzahn opens the meeting at 7:00 pm.      

Roll call: Present: Hans Klingzahn, Cris Phillips, Bea Lindsay, Theresa Cuchelo, Stephanie Renino, Reylene Van Geldern and Hilary Roberto.

Also present: Tom VanTine, Building Inspector and Don Van Nostrand, Secretary.

Acceptance of the minutes from the previous meetings held on October 10, 2013. Motion by Cris Phillips to approve and seconded by Stephanie Renino. Votes For: 5 Votes Against: 0 Motion carried.

Chairman Klingzahn announced to the board that the involved agencies/boards notified of the Planning Board being lead agency under SQRA for the Jackson Crossing Project have until November 15th to respond. The following boards: Village of Fishkill Board of Trustees, Village of Fishkill ZBA, Town of Fishkill Planning Board, Town of Fishkill ZBA and Town of Fishkill Police support the Village of Fishkill Planning Board being lead agency on this project so far.

Chairman Klingzahn also announced that the December Planning Board meeting would be held on December 12th instead of December 19th if there were applications submitted. He also said that following tonight’s meeting there will be a training class given by the Village Planner and the Planning Board Attorney on the new SQRA forms.

Public Hearing:

1. None


1. Fishkill Route 52         - 992/1004 Main Street     - Sign Permit Application

Property Management/Owner did not appear and would be rescheduled to a future meeting.

Close Meeting:

Motion by Cris Phillips Seconded by Theres Cuchelo

Votes For: 5 Votes Against: 0 Motion carried. Meeting Adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Don Van Nostrand

Planning Board Secretary



Thursday, November 14, 2013 - 19:00


Planning Board

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