Zoning Board

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When a municipality has a zoning ordinance or local zoning law, it is required by the State of New York that the municipality establish a board to hear appeals from that zoning ordinance. The Village of Fishkill Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) functions as both as an administrative and quasi-judicial board.

The need for the ZBA arises when strict compliance with the Village Zoning Code results in constraints upon a property owner's use of their land or when an interpretation of the Village Zoning Code is required. The ZBA may grant Area Variances that provide relief from the area, bulk, dimensional requirements of the Zoning Code and Use Variances that provide for relief from the permitted uses enumerated in the Village Zoning Code. The ZBA also acts as an interpreter of the ordinance and makes judgments on its meaning on specific cases.

The Village of Fishkill Zoning Board of Appeals is comprised of five members who serve staggered five-year terms and are appointed by the Village Board. The Village Board designates one member of the ZBA to act as Chairman. Additionally, the ZBA is permitted by State and Village Law to have two people designated as alternates who attend all meetings and vote in the absence of a regular member.