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Building & Fire Inspector

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The Village provides regulatory oversight on behalf of its citizens through the office of the Building & Fire Inspector. The responsibilities include maintaining standards and ensuring that local code is observed and enforced.

Building Inspector
The Building Inspector handles plan reviews for the eventual issuance of building permits. The plan review involves the review of all development information to determine that the permit requirements of the New York State Building Code and Village Code have been satisfied. In addition, this process involves the review of all development permits to determine that all necessary permits have been obtained from those federal, state or local governmental agencies from which prior approval may be required. It can also include the review of development permits to determine if the proposed development is located in the floodway.

Once a building permit is issued the Building Inspector is responsible for performing certain inspections along the way to project completion and/or assuring that third party and special inspectors have performed their respective inspections and filed the correct paperwork.

Fire Inspector
The Fire Inspector enforces the New York State Fire Code in the Village of Fishkill. All public assembly areas as well as multi-family structures are inspected to ensure the public safety of those who occupy or use these structures. The Fire Inspector may be called upon to make a determination of structural integrity after that structure has suffered from fire, vehicular impact, or other structural failure caused by natural or manmade catastrophe.

The Fire Inspector also responds to requests from homeowners to provide information on fire safety, code compliance, alarm interface, and inspections.

Zoning Enforcement Officer
The Zoning Administrator is the first person an applicant to either the Planning Board or Zoning Board of Appeals interacts with. During the initial meeting, the Zoning Administrator will determine which of the two boards the applicant will need to appear before with regard to their project. The Zoning Administrator will also advise the two Boards on the details of the application before them for any given project.

Additionally, the Zoning Administrator is charged with enforcing the Codes of the Village of Fishkill as well as the codes of New York State as they relate to zoning, property maintenance, abandoned vehicles on private property, and public nuisance violations.

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