2015 Chemical Bid Request

Legal Notice


The Village of Fishkill will receive sealed bids at Van Wyck Hall, 1095 Main Street, Fishkill, NY until 12:00 Noon on May 26, 2015 for the following:

WATER/SEWER Plant Chemicals

  1. Chemicals must conform to all NYSDEC & EPA Standards

  2. Safety data sheets must be supplied with each chemical.

  3. Chemicals will be delivered within seven (7) working days after an order has been placed.

  4. Contractor will be liable for any physical damage to Village Property during delivery of the chemical.

  5. Period of this contract will be from the time of award until May 31, 2016


        Sodium Hypochlorite (15%) approximately 7,000 gallons per year, ordered in bulk on a monthly basis.


The Village Board may accept or reject any and all proposals if it is deemed in the Village’s best interest.


Angela Arasim, CMC, RMC

Village Clerk


Dated:  May 12, 2015