Message From Deputy Mayor Angelo Ferrara


          As we are well into Phase 2 of the COVID recovery program it is appropriate to acknowledge the performance of our Village during this National Emergency.  To date, our residents and merchants have faced this difficult and onerous challenge in an outstanding manner, with both patience and understanding.  Adhering to the health and safety requirements, with its many severe restrictions, severe hardships were imposed on each of us.  Yet everyone in the Village responded with determination and dedication that broadcasted, “We're In This Together”.  Our Village has performed in an admirable manner, for which we must be proud.


          Particular note must be made of the tenacity of our merchants during this crisis which brought a complete halt to their businesses. The financial impact to them was both monumental and staggering.  Yet, employing both patience and creativity, most, if not all, have been able to survive and look forward to full restoration.  Your Village is committed to continue to do everything possible to assist our merchants towards total recovery.


          We must all be proud of our individual efforts during this challenging time and we must continue to contribute to the extraordinary team effort we have exhibited thus far.