Mayor's Office

The past 14+ years have been very exciting and rewarding for me, as I have had the honor to be the Mayor of this wonderful Village. We have seen changes take place in the village during the decade, many of which are readily apparent when traveling the Village streets. In addition, other improvements were made behind the scene to increase the efficiency of the day-to-day operations of the village.

Among the most notable of these improvements are:

  • The complete reconstruction of Main Street including the installation of historic lighting fixtures.
  • The repaving of Broad Street with the addition of curbs (at no cost to village taxpayers).
  • The repaving of most village streets
  • The replacement of the Smith Street retaining wall with a modern, safe wall with a truly historic look.
  • Repair and reconstruction of the entrance and front facade of Van Wyck Village Hall to return to the original design of 1898.
  • Interior and exterior ADA improvements to Van Wyck Village Hall (partly funded by Grant Funds)
  • Reconstruction of the Meeting and Court Room in Van Wyck Village Hall (partly funded by Grant Funds)
  • Adoption of an updated Comprehensive Plan for the Village of Fishkill in 2009

Increases in daily operations of the Village government include the following:

  • Completion of the phase I upgrade of the Waste Water Treatment facility.
  • We repaired/replaced the old Carghill water main which was acquired at no cost from the city of Beacon, creating a completely independent secondary water feed to the village.
  • Well #11 is online and providing increased water output capacity to our water customers
  • The Village of Fishkill Police Department has been relocated to a renovated building on Wood Place
  • Phase I of the Elm Street Drainage Improvement Project is complete and functioning
  • Sarah Taylor Park improvements including a pavilion, children's playground and a walking track are in place
  • Partnering with New York State Department of Transportation and the Dutchess County Department of Planning to commission a comprehensive traffic study and then holding several public hearings with Village residents to determine a strategy to improve traffic flow.
  • Elimination of the contract operation of the water and sewer systems, which put control in the hands of village employees and led to cost savings.

What’s in the future for the Village of Fishkill?

  • Since the floods of 2005 and 2007 that devastated Elm Street, we continue to work with the Army Corps of Engineers, NYS DEC, Town of Fishkill and Dutchess County Soil and Water Conservation District to clean “snags” from Fishkill Creek within the Town limits.
  • The Village continues to look for grant funding to cover Phase II of the Elm Street Drainage Project.
  • Planning has started on the phase II upgrade to the Village Waste Water Treatment facility.
  • Renovations to the Village Fire Station are being looked at by a study group.

We will continue to be progressive in our approach to guiding the Village of Fishkill into the future while being diligent in preserving its historic character.

James J. (Jim) Miccio
Mayor 1999-