Planning Board - Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, June 21, 2018



          Chairman Hans Klingzahn opens the meeting at 7:15 pm.


Roll call: Present: Hans Klingzahn, Theresa Cuchelo, Reylene VanGeldern, and Suzanne Speziali, Absent: Cris Phillips and Stephen Brown. Also present: Tom VanTine, Building

Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer, Sarah Brown, Village Planner, Larry Paggi , Village Engineer. Victoria Polidoro, Planning Board Attorney and Don Van Nostrand, Secretary.


Chairman Klingzahn announced that a attorney/ board meeting was held before the meeting

and no decisions were made. Chairman Klingzahn entertains a motion to approve the minutes for the meeting held on May 24, 2018. Reylene VanGeldern, so moved. Motion seconded by Theresa Cuchelo. Discussion none, all in favor, Aye. Motion carried.                            


Public Hearing:                                                                                               


            1. None




            1. Pinot’s Palette                     - 992 Main Street                           - Sign Permit Application

                Applicant:                            - Nancy Forrest                             - Gloede Signs

                                                                                                                         97 N Clinton Street

                                                                                                                         Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

                                                              - Jose Domenech                            - Business Owner


              Village Code Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector Tom VanTine informed the board

              that the proposed signage complies to Village code The sign maxes out the available space and

              any additional signage would have to go before the Zoning Board for approval.


              Chairman Klingzahn entertains a motion.


              Theresa Cuchelo moves to accept the sign permit for Pinot’s Palette at 992 Main Street as

              per application. Motion seconded by Suzanne Speziale. Discussion none, all in favor. Aye.

              Motion carried.


           2. Ackerly & Hubble                 - 1072 Main Street                      - Sign Permit Application

               Appraisal Corp.      

               Applicant:                              - Grant Ackerly                           - Business Owner


              Grant Ackerly owner of the business presented the sign to the board and requested approval.


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            Village Code Enforcement Officer / Building inspector Tom VanTine informed the board

            that the existing free standing sign complies to regulations.


           Chairman Klingzahn entertains a motion.


          Reylene VanGeldern, so moved. Motion seconded by Theresa Cuchelo. Discussion none, all in

          favor.  Aye. Motion carried.


         3. Trost Residence                             - 63 Broad Street                  - Certificate of Appropriateness

             Applicant:                                      - Ann Trost                            - Property Owners

                                                                     - Dale Trost                              63 Broad Street


           Ann Trost presented samples of the cedar fencing they would like to replace on their

           property. The fencing would be six foot in height.


           Chairman Klingzahn entertains a motion.


           Theresa Cuchelo moves to accept the Certificate of Appropriateness for the Trost residence

           located at 63 Broad Street as per application. Motion seconded by Reylene VanGeldern.

           Discussion none, all in favor. Aye. Motion carried.


        4. Clever Astudillo, Owner            - 1183 Main Street                  - Certificate of Appropriateness

            Applicant:                                   - Clever Astudillo                    - Property Owner

                                                                                                                      1183 Main Street


           Clever Astudillo presented blue color samples (on file) for the siding, white trim (on file)

           a new white front door (brochure on file) and new roofing (material on file).


          Chairman Klingzahn entertains a motion.


          Theresa Cuchelo moves to accept a Certificate of Appropriateness for Clever Astudillo at 1183

          Main Street as per application. Motion seconded by Reylene VanGeldern. Discussion none, all

          in favor. Aye. Motion carried.


        5. Ready Coffee, LLC               - 986 Main Street                   - Site Plan/Special Use Permit

            Applicants:                            - Jennifer VanTuyl                - Attorney, Cuddy & Feder LLP         

                                                            - Jed Bonnem                         - Ready Coffee Owner

                                                            - Stephen Dunn                      - Ready Coffee Owner

                                                            - Jamie Logiudice                  - Insite Engineering, Surveying

                                                            - Anthony Russo                    - Traffic Consultant

                                                            - Norm DiChiara                   - Architect



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           Jennifer VanTuyl  stated that the applicants would hope that the board would set a public         

           hearing for next month. We have asked that the public hearing be deferred in the past waiting      

           for feedback from the Dutchess County Planning Department and we have now received

           that. The County Planning Department waived no concerns about the project at the County

           level and a decision would be at a local concern. Also, the second issue was a determination of

           parking spaces which is 629 spaces for the site. Now that we have that number we can submit

           for the next meeting. It appears that calculations are pretty close to what we came up with.

          There is some refinement that needs to be done between the consultants and can probably be

           done before the next meeting. Anthony Russo, Traffic Consultant would cover the parking

           demands for the project.


          Jaime Logiudice reviewed the project and updated site plans which included the building,

          required parking spaces, drive lanes, lighting, landscaping and dumpster enclosure.                                   


          Anthony Russo, Traffic Consultant updated the board on the traffic and parking surveys

          on the site.


          Chairman Klingzahn voiced a concern on the last event held at the plaza that the plaza

          parking was full and cars were parked on Blodgett Road.


          Code Enforcement Officer Tom VanTine also stated that complaints were received on parking

          for the same event.


           Sarah Brown, Village Planner addressed her comments on the plans. (Memo on file)


           Larry Paggi, Village Engineer addressed the rehabilitation of dry wells and catch basis which

           is pertinent and questioned whether a rehabilitation bond be required prior to construction.                                                                         

           The planning board agreed that the work could be done with the construction of the site and

           must be completed prior to issuance of a certificate of occupancy. This would be added to the

           resolution on the project. 


           Victoria Polidoro addressed the drive aisle by the CVS building and a modification of the

            plans would have to be made.


            Jennifer VanTuyl  requested that a public hearing be scheduled for the project.


            Chairman Klingzahn entertains a motion to set a public hearing for Ready Coffee on

            July 19, 2018.


            Theresa Cuchelo moves to set a public hearing for Ready Coffee on July 19, 2018.

            Motion seconded by Suzanne Speziale. Discussion none, all in favor. Aye. Motion carried.




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         6. Methodist Church                  - 38,40,42 Broad Street           - Site Plan Application


             Applicant:                               -   Christian Moore                  - KC Engineering and

                                                                                                                    Land Surveying, P.C.

                                                                                                                    56 Main Street

                                                                                                                    Poughkeepsie, NY 12601


                                                               -  Ray VanVoorhis                  -  Liscum, McCormak, VanVoorhis

                                                                                                                    181 Church Street

                                                                                                                    Poughkeepsie, NY 12601             


           Christian Moore presented the plans for the three lots located at 38, 40 and 42 Broad Street.


           Sarah Brown, Village Planner explained the process involved for SEQR on this project

           which would have to be circulated to the Village Board and Zoning Board. Public hearings

           would be required by both boards. A demolition permit would be required and lead agency

           letters have been circulated to both boards.


           Village Engineer Larry Paggi covered his comments on the project. He informed the applicants

           that he would like to see the proposed sewer  line go directly into the manhole on Broad Street.


           The project is scheduled to go before the Zoning Board of Appeals on July 26, 2028.


         7. Toro Restaurant                        - 1069 Main Street                  - Site Plan Application

            Applicant:                                   - Ken Stenger                          - Attorney, Stenger, Roberts


             Attorney Ken Stenger addressed the driveway easement on the adjoining parcel and believes

             the plans put in place allows the applicant to move forward on this project and would like to

             possibly set the public hearing for July.


              Victoria Polidoro said that basically it removes liability from the Planning Board (the use of

              someone else’s property) . If it ever stops than the site plan would require them to stop using 

              that entryway. Then a different solution would have to be made under the Village code and a

              fee would have to be paid per space annually.


              Sarah Brown covered her comment letter (on file).


               Larry Paggi reported that he was working with the applicants engineer on piping between

               the properties and will be able to work out the technical details.


               Attorney Stenger requested that a public hearing be set up for July.


               Reylene VanGeldern moves to set up a public hearing for July 19, 2018. Motion seconded by

               Suzanne Speziale. Discussion none, all in favor, Aye, Motion carried.

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        8. Fishkill Church of Nazarene      953 Main Street                      - Site Plan Application

              Applicant:                                    Rev Ronald Pankey                - Pastor of Nazarene Church   

                                                                                                                          953 Main Street

                                                                                                                          Fishkill, NY

                                                                     Bill Brothers                               Engineer and Developing


                                                                     Charlie Mack                             Church Board of Trustees



            Reverend Pankey stated that the church has been working on a plan and idea concept for

            two and half years for senior housing on the church’s property. We are proposing to begin

            the process of building 110 apartments (independent senior living) with weekly housekeeping,

            cleaning, all utilities included, cable, activities, transportation, etc. all in one price. The buildings

            are proposed to be three stories. We are proposing also to put an extension on the church for

            daycare, office and education space.


            The purpose of the presentation was to begin the initial planning process and to get feedback

            from the board on the project for zoning, parking, lot lines, etc.


            The board also advised the applicants to get on the agenda of the Village Board to review

            the proposed plans.





  Close Meeting:       


  Motion by: Theresa Cuchelo

  Seconded by: Reylene VanGeldern

  Votes for: 4 Votes against: 0 Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.


  Respectfully submitted:

  Don Van Nostrand

  Planning Board Secretary