Water Department

The Village of Fishkill water system is served by a well field owned by the Village of Fishkill that is located in the Town of Fishkill south of Interstate 84, this well field consists of nine wells of varying capacity.

The design of the Village water supply system has evolved from a surface water system that relied on gravity feed from a reservoir to a current day network of supply wells that feed into a one million gallon storage tank. The oldest in-service part of the distribution system is located south of the well field along Route 9 and is actually the remnants of the original system with a little over 1 mile of 10 in. cast iron water main.

The water mains throughout the Village system are a mixture of many different materials including, cast iron pipe, ductile iron pipe, PVC pipe and fiberglass reinforced PVC pipe. The sizes range from 6 inches up to 20 inches in diameter.

In 2006, the Village of Fishkill undertook a major capital improvement project to improve and modernize its distribution system and to insure a reliable flow of water to the residents and customers of the Village of Fishkill for many years to come. This project converted an old 10-inch cast iron main into a new 12-inch HDPE (high-density polyethylene pipe) water main known as the Cargill Water Main. The technology used for installing the pipe is known as “pipe bursting, trenchless technology” where the old water main provided the conduit for “pulling” the new 12” water main into place. This technology provided the Village of Fishkill with a major cost benefit when compared to conventional pipe installation techniques, and nearly a zero environmental impact due to the lack of excavation required.

It should be noted that the Village of Fishkill’s supply and distribution System also provides valuable potable water to a portion of the City of Beacon, areas of the Town of Fishkill and areas of the Town of Wappinger, through various contracts and inter-municipal agreements.

The Village of Fishkill is constantly improving and modernizing its water system as evidenced by the Cargill Main rehabilitation and the construction of our new water treatment facility during the summer of 2009.

Questions/Additional Information

To report a water problem, please call  (845) 896-8070 or to report an after hour emergency contact the answering service at (845) 437-0016.

If you have a billing question or issue, please call Village Hall (845) 897-4430. If you would like to have your Water Bill emailed, please send your email address along with your property address to the Billing Clerk - angela@vofishkill.com (Please have subject line read, "Email Water Bill").