Zoning Board - Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, January 22, 2015

January 22, 2015

Chairman Tom Brooks opens the meeting at 7:00 p.m.

Present: Tom Brooks, Tom Newhard, Dan Roberto, Terry Palumbo, and John Depew. Absent: Alternate Ann Trost.  Also present: Angelo Ferrara and Anthony Brozier, Village Board Trustees and Liaisons to the Zoning Board, Sarah Brown, Village Planner, Tom VanTine, Building Inspector and Don Van Nostrand, Board Secretary.

John Depew makes a motion to approve the minutes for the October 23, 2014 meeting. Motion seconded by Terry Palumbo. Votes for: 5 Votes against: 0 Motion carried.

Chairman Tom Brooks reads a letter from Greg Gomes, Board Alternate respectfully requesting a six month leave of absence to attend military duties of the US Air Force. He has been activated and will be out of the country. Chairman Brooks announced that the leave has been granted and he will be back on the board when he returns.


Vanikiotis Retail/Office           - Route 9                    - Area Variance

Applicant:                              - Steve Tinkelman      - Tinkelman Architects

                                              - Bob Turner              - Tinkelman Architects

                                              - Jennifer VanTuyl     - Attorney, Cuddy&Feder, LLP

                                              - Dino Vanikiotis        - Business Owner

Tom VanTine, Building Inspector updated the board on the Vanikiotis Project which was before the board. He addressed the Dutchess County comment letter (on file) and the Greg Supple’s (Village Attorney) comment letter (on file).

Steve Tinkelman (Tinkelman Architects) reviewed the proposed site plan and addressed the requested variances for the project.

Attorney Jennifer VanTuyl addressed the board on her letter (on file) and the Dutchess County Planning letter (on file) to the board on the requested variance.

Sarah Brown, Village Planner prepared a proposed resolution (on file) and read to the board for their review and consideration.

After a lengthy discussion by the board on the proposed resolution Chairman Brooks entertains a motion on the resolution.

Tom Newhard makes a motion that the board adopts the resolution as stated. John Depew seconds the motion.

Tom Newhard: Aye

John Depew: Aye

Terry Palumbo: Aye

Dan Roberto: Aye

Tom Brooks: Aye

Opposed: 0

Resolution adopted and variance granted.                              


Chairman Brooks entertains a motion to close the meeting. So moved: Tom Newhard. Motion seconded: John Depew. Votes for: 5 Votes against: 0 Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.


Submitted by,

Donald Van Nostrand

Zoning Board Secretary